Thank you “Academy Of Western Artists”

Do you know I had a vision on what I wanted to do? In 2011 I set out acting on that vision. I knew I wanted to do something with music for our troops. I also knew it had to be music. Not having a clue I started. I Had no music and really didn’t understand how any of it worked. But I continued. I even designed my logo. I was fortunate enough to attend my first WMA in 2011. That started a whole new chapter in my life. I wanted more. There was more, lots more to country and somehow I understood as I was introduced to it all that year. I paid attention. I asked questions. The more I recognized the sound the more I wanted. Internet radio stations have many challenges. We probably have more to do than most of you who have the liberty of adding music to your list and spinning the sound. More money more responsibilities. Oh yes how well I know. My external hard drive crashed one time, leaving me with little to no music. I lost it all, except for my country sounds. Thank God. But I continued. At times I thought I Was alone. But my passion grew yet more to continue. I upgraded several times adding more of this and that. So you could utilize the site more. I have had the pleasure of coming in contact with artists who’s passion is shared with the world and wanted to contribute in part for our Defenders.

No I wasn’t alone. I only really knew Marvin O’Dell and Clif Freligh he used to come over to give me music and explain to me the differences. So thank you. Lots of support when someone actually knew I needed help. I met and made new friends who would help. I loved the help. Persevering one day at a time. I only hoped that others appreciated my vision. You did. My sons are artists. They welcome the sounds that were left by the late great Freddie Brown. Long long ago I actually thought he was the world. No one sang like him. A cross over from Latin to cowboy country classic. Oh he sang like the heavens. But little did I realize the effect I had would continue to this day. I love the fiddle. I thank my grandfather for introducing me to it at an early age encouraging me as I went to lessons weekly. Lord could he play the fiddle and accordion. Today I hear the sounds I love long ago.

I love what has been in front of me. I whole heartily support the AWA “Academy Of Western Artists” as well as the WMA “Western Music Awards”. Music speaks in volumes. It touches us with feelings only a heart filled with passion for it understands. This is my short bio and I’m very proud of it all. Thank you for all the support. The world sings because we care. Together we can. Today I’m convinced you care. Thank you for making my vision a reality. Gracias!!! Thank you Bobby Newton. Everyone involved with it all you are my direct links to love. I care. I’m Dodie Brown and my music is a mixture of Flavor. It’s me!!! Let’s go one more time!!!! To our Veterans. This is for you. May God Bless you with a blanket of Love and a Prayer of Hope! I also want to thank you Lord for the trials that have made me yet stronger. I wouldn’t be the woman I’m today. When my passion is strong, my commitment will be stronger.

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  1. You are the most remarkable woman I’ve ever met! Although it wasn’t in person until lately. You are truly an inspirational person and we all see now what your Late husband, Freddie Brown, saw in you and why he fell in love. Love you beautiful Dodie!

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