Special Thanks


“Special thanks to all of our fans who have made DOFRadio.com a success!” – Dodie Brown

A special song created for our Founder Dodie Brown by a fan and friend to DOFRADIO.com .

Dodie’s Love – (Enchanted Desert Rose)
Gary E. McCray

I would like to extend a special heartfelt thank you to Gary McCray for creating such a beautiful song for me. This is one of the most wonderful things anyone has ever done for me. -Dodie Brown

I can’t express enough love and appreciation for the wonderful portrait Oliver created for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Oliver. It is truly wonderful! – Dodie Brown

You can visit Oliver’s online by going to Olivers Art

Another painting by Oliver McParland created for me, My son Bo Brown. Thank you Oliver!

A special award presented to Defenders of Freedom Radio from the Western Swing Guild.

Thank you so much for your recognition of what we try to do here at Defenders of Freedom Radio. God Bless our Troops! — Dodie Brown

Special thanks to  Jerry Lee Lewis and Judith Coghlan Lewis  for sending an autographed photo of Jerry Lee Lewis for our website.

Thank you so much Judith! I really appreciate the autograph, it is very special to me. – Dodie Brown

All Donations are greatly appreciated. Visit our Donation Page to see what we are sending everyone for Donations of 5$ or more!