As I start my quest to communicate to you the audience out there.  Remember our main focus is to show support for all our veterans, past present.  I believe the universe is filled with lyrics that sing messages in all languages around the world. I have always had a deep love to contribute my passion for music equally.  Because of the fact that we are equally, our format is different genres, on different days.  Please get to know your part on the site.
My site was my vision for unity.  Together we will hold hands and come together with the greatest gift of all.  Let us send our message to all our brave men and women who fight the fight and have fought the fight for our freedom.  We are thankful.  Love will always speak to us all.  I encourage everyone to participate by getting to know what we her at Defenders Of Freedom Radio are all about.
We represent true dignity.  Respect is in full force.  Some of you know me.  When my passion is strong, my commitment will be stronger.  I invite you to give me your feed back, comments on what it is I write on my blogs.  Remember negativity is not welcome here.  If you have something to share and would want me to talk about it, we can and will. Partners, artists, pictures.  All of it can be found on the links.
Many thanks to the artists who contribute the lyrics of love. To the dee jays who contribute their time on the air.  We are grateful.  You are part of extending the sounds around the world.  Remember the universe understands music in any language.  Our message is for all our brave men and women.  We hold you in our hearts and with each beat of sound we are thinking of you.  I continue to stand strongly in support for them all, as we all should.
This is my first blog.  Many thanks to you.  The support we sing together, means more than the support that has no sound.  Many thanks to you.  I ask you to share, click on the like share links.  Show your support by doing so.  Remember numbers if accurate do not lie.  Now I ask us all to unite as we sing.  We stand for something or we will fall for everything.


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2 thoughts on “Spanish Flavor’s Blog

  1. I love what you do for the troops. Thank God there are people like you that realize the sacrifice the men and women in uniform make every day.

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