We recently added a new song to our Music Page from Sangre Joven (feat.) Bobby Madrid.  You can listen to a preview of the song by clicking >>: “El Corrido De Samuel Morales” 

Veterans can contact us using the contact form on this website to request a free copy of the song.  Everyone else can get a copy directly from Defenders of Freedom Radio for only .99 cents.   Let us know what you think.  Read on to learn more about this release and the entire cd Project for Sangre Joven (feat.) Bobby Madrid.

Orale, Que Pasa Raza? Just wanted to touch base with all our Fans, Familia, Friends, DJ’s & Radio Stations and let you know that Sangre Joven (feat.) Bobby Madrid has Embarked on a New CD/Project for the end of 2017. We have started on an all “Corridos” CD to be Released in early Spring of 2018. It will include some Classic Traditional Corridos as well as some Originals. Here is a sample of The Debut Original “El Corrido de Samuel Morales” about a young man from Anton Chico, NM drafted into The Vietnam War in 1968 where he made the Ultimate Sacrifice. We are very Honored to bring you Sammy’s true life story thru this Corrido. We would also like to dedicate this Corridor to all “The Vietnam Veterans”!!! Enjoy the New Single Release and be on the lookout for the New CD Entitled Sangre Joven (feat.) Bobby Madrid” Con Corridos” Coming to you the Spring of 2018. QUE VIVA TODOS LOS VETERANOS !!!

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