Our Founder

Dodie, The founder of Defenders of Freedom Radio
A strong motivated woman who found her way on the world wide web Internet radio, some years ago. It was her desire to share the music of love to everyone. Her warm felt love, compassion for all those serving fighting our wars led her to desire the same for others. Many family members her mother,  who’s picture you see as well as aunts & uncles also served our country. Her father whom she found late in life served in the Air Force.  She is proud of everyone of them & continues to be thankful.

Some might say that music was one of her strongest influences since she was around it most of her life. Sons who entertain with musical talented abilities left by their father the late great Freddie Brown who had a voice like velvet was a Spanish recording artist..

Bo is surrounded by the Country scene while AB adds a touch of R&B bringing three genres of music into one family. Today known as the Brown Sound. She has two daughters the oldest in the medical field while the youngest is a massage therapist. Her biggest loves are her grandchildren the youngest seems to introduce her to many things as though he watches from different eyes. She currently holds a realtors license and Notary Republic License in the state of NM as well, she is a tax associate for H&R Block. She also volunteers her time at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial where she affiliates and talks to service men and women from every branch. She loves interacting and doing anything for the veterans. A cause she says “can never be repaid.” Her vision her dream to manifest her reality for everyone to share. Music is a direct link into our hearts “she often says,” one that connects us all. She continues to support artists who enrich the world with their vocal abilities. While she loves all music she is quick to tell you her heart is in the Traditional Country sound. She believes it all sings and it is important to continue the legacy in preserving that which will continue to gain and attain strength as we continue together.

Faith is something we don’t see but believe because it is already there. It was her faith to take that step forward for everyone to support all our military, our war dogs thank you, first responders, unsung heroes here at home as well as abroad. She believes that connection is through music. She now extends the hand of Love, Hope & Vision for everyone who feels the same. Let us never forget that together we can make this world a better place.

Live life to the fullest stand up for what you know is right forgive quickly time marches on and waits for no one. Thank you every one for being part of Defenders Of Freedom Radio. Believe that together we can & will over come. Love will always find the way. Enjoy the site remember our brave men & women that some day the world may be as one. Spread the word we are new and we are for you. Now listen to some great music for your enjoyment. I thank the DJ’s who volunteer their time to support our troops.
Thanks to all the indie artists who are connected believed & share their songs of love. We appreciate you. Please make yourself at home that’s right where we become a family of love to share respect salute, support our Defenders thank you all for your services.

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