I would personally like to share warm cheers with you and you.  We at Dofradio wish to extend the cheers around the world.   Christmas is my favorite time of the seasons.  The older I get the more I appreciate the memories of long ago.  The memory of when the kids used to get so excited for ole St. Nick.  When all through the house.  Wishing for a White Christmas.   Singing the Christmas carols.  Sharing the old traditional foods that we here in New Mexico prepare.  That special touch with the red chile we are so proud to have.  The tamales, the posole, the biscocitos, the candy canes, the stockings waiting to be filled.  Oh yes the memories all so fond.  Let’s not forget the luminareos that we look forward to each year too. Decorations red and blue.  Sometimes the white will do.  My favorite time to see them all shine.   Do you remember who played Santa coming down the chimney?  If there wasn’t one, we would just pretend that any moment he would ho ho ho….. Aw the memories so fresh like just yesterday.  It’s really easy to write and share with you about how I feel.  My heart listens as the music sings.  I miss my children’s little  face. But now the grand kids have grown too.  Yet the littlest ones bring back the love full of joy.  Their faces light up and they know, have you been naughty or nice?   Remember those old photos?  Ah yes let us hold on to that happy time when we gave thanks for the real reason for the season.  Of course Christ was born.  We celebrate his birth.  We exchange gifts of love.  Bring forth a king.  The world still goes as the stories are still told.  I’m grateful yet for it all.  The years come and they go.  Does it seem as though things have changed?  The politically have told.   Who’s right or who’s wrong?  I know that for me it will always be Merry Christmas.  I love the cheers and stories.  I love to share all that I have for others to feel the love that should be shared.  Remember to extend the hand.  Reach and tell everyone you appreciate what the good Lord has blessed you with.  Another year has almost ended.  As I sit here writing, I think about all our brave men and women who will be away from home.  If you would like to send a shout out to your loved one.  Simply leave a shout out in the comment area.  That easy.  Remember that we share our freedoms because of them.  Thank you from Dofradio.  I’m happy that I can share the music the lyrics that sing around the world.  That’s all for now.  Please have a blissful Christmas and love sing, eat.  Let’s all be merry.  Will you walk with me, us?  Yes.  Well thank you……..I’m Dodie, Spanish Flavor and I wish you all of you a Merry Christmas.  Thanks for your support for all our Defenders……….. Another Christmas is upon us…… Soon it will be yesterday. 

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