Ab is truth and light. Following in his famed Father’s footsteps as a musician, Ab combines Heavy grooves and swirling harmonies with one of the smoothest voices in music today. this is a monumental record, one not to be overlooked. In a day and age when music has become cookie cutter and limp. AB brings strength, life and hope to the musical landscape. Please join us in a new musical movement…Music, Love, Magic..

Rolling Stone: Review – This Is Love

I am a Music Critic for a major entertainment magazine and for those reasons my name is left out… In music once in awhile music gives back to us with greatness such as The Beatles, Elvis, Marvin Gaye, Rolling Stones, The Beach Boy etc. and I have experience them all but I have never in my lifetime or even thought was possible to come across an artist this incredible. AB is what comes beyond greatness, when you are music then music becomes you and this Phenomenal artist is music. When I first heard “MARIJUANA“ I was blown away how someone could introduce me to a completely different meaning of a word that I have known my whole life. The vocals alone on this track sets him apart from everyone else in music, the bridge on this song is like nothing I have ever heard. His harmonies come from a place only comparable to what people would describe as the heavens… The single “MORE” was an unbelievable journey of a sonic story that made me feel as if I were an international playboy driving around Europe in a 1960’s Jaguar convertible where I was being chased by the bad guys and I loved every second of it. I can go on and on about each song but I’ll just tell you this. This album is the most incredible album to date ever made, it’s what you’re not suppose to know as in the secret to life. If you listen I mean really listen to this album you will learn that love is truly the answer and that we are all one, together we can all change the world because each and every one of us are connected and this Album will be the link that binds us all. Please go get this album if you haven’t already done so and I guarantee you will tell everyone you know about this album. Remember the name AB he is to music what water is to life! “EVERYTHING” New York, NY

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