The following was sent over to me by my daughter. Needless to say this touched me. Herman was my daughters father. As the story goes it was told to T Branson sometime ago. He passed away yesterday November 30,  2015.
In memory Soldier we Salute you.

WORDS FROM MY DADDY… Herman Maes thinking of old memories..
Years ago I gave you a pair of dog tags but I never told you the story Behind those tags The Viet Nam war was a war where we never got credit for what we were fighting. The US Government did not support us and the people back in the states hated us for what we were doing. When I returned home every returning solider on that plane rolled and kisses the cement as we walked to the terminal . At that point and time in my life I realized what freedom was and I have never turned my back on my Country and never will. I wore those dog tags around my neck since they were issued to me in 1967 by the United States Army. I wore those dog tags with pride because I knew I was a solider for my country and I had taken an oath and signed a contract to fight for freedom for our country and that deal included me giving my life for my country. The day I gave you those dog tags is the first time they were removed from my neck. I am and was a combat solider. I wore those same dog tags around my beck when I fought for our freedom in the jungles of Vietnam. Cambodia and Laos. Mi hito I know there’s been a lot of changes in our lives and you probably didn’t know my history and the blood sweat and tears that that are contained in those two pieces of metal. If you still have them , I would be honored if you wear them today with pride and remember that those two pieces of metal are part of the American Freedom we have today..

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