Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the program list for the Academy of Western Artists 20th Annual Will Rodgers Awards schedule. Lots of great thing happening. Please look it over and get involved. Many thanks to Bobby Newton for sending out the flyers. I look forward to this event which will be held March the 12th. Information there for all to read. I know it will help many with what you need. If you need anything please get with Bobby Newton and let him know. It will be my first go round. So I’m very excited to be part of this. I can’t wait to meet everyone. This is for your information. I will be passing out flyers at the WMA here in Albuquerque In November 11 through 15, . We look forward to yet an even larger crowd. Thanks for being part of the Will Rogers Awards. Look forward to seeing everyone. Again please keep an eye out for all the AWA posts that are out on fb etc. We have lots of great talent up for nominations. I’m glad to say that I have the pleasure of having most of them over on which is also nominee for internet radio of the year along with dj of the year Spanish Flavor. Thanks many thanks to them all for sharing all their wonderful musical talents. But congratulations to all the nominees in all the categories. I’m proud of what they are doing and bringing everyone together on this.


Involved through out the U.S.A. & now around the Globe in the Music end of it. Billy Bowels will host the Pre Awards Jam Friday March 11 @ Lil’ Reds Longhorn Saloon. The AWA is about much more than just the Music it is about Western Culture in general including Art Gear & Media truly a unique Awards Show. And BTW it is open to the Public to Attend March 12 2016 in Fort Worth Texas at Texas Christian University Call Bobby Newton for details 580-221-8793 keep up at


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